Do you know our story? Why Goyco?

Our Story

Once upon a time on a sidewalk in Calodyne, Mauritius:

Adele at age 9 with her two brothers Thomas and Nathan, 10 and 6 years old respectively - realised that if they wanted to buy more sweets and chocolate they needed to come up with a business idea to make money. They thought that selling Goyava and coconuts from their garden to the people in their neighbourhood was a great idea. However, they first needed to come up with a company name. This is how Goyco was born.

It's the compound word of Goyava and coconut.

Goyco was a success from the start, always selling out and making them enough money to buy treats from the tabagie after school. Even at this age, they knew they could expand their business as it meant more sweets and chocolate. Having very limited working capital they diversified and decided to sell their baby clothes but also their valuables Pokemon cards and scubidous [you must know it if you were born in the 90's].

Goyco continued to grow with some neighbours joining the company and selling their own used items. It was the hottest attraction on the block. Little did they know that this could be a trendy business model in 2020, and a successful one at that.

16 years later, Adele followed her childhood dream and decided to create a concept store in the heart of Pereybere... called Goyco.

Goyco has now been operational for 2 years. Goyco has grown from in-store to online and brings in your favourite brands from around the world.

Welcome to Goyco 😘