Maria La Biyux


      Maria La Biyux is a Chilean jewellery brand that produces unique and handmade pieces inspired by nature and cultural heritage. The products are crafted by skilled artisans in small workshops located throughout Chile, using sustainable and locally-sourced materials such as copper, silver, and semi-precious stones. Each piece reflects the brand's commitment to ethical and eco-friendly practices while showcasing the beauty and diversity of Chilean craftsmanship.

      In addition to working with skilled artisans throughout Chile, Maria La Biyux also partners with women in prison to produce some of their jewelry. Through this program, the women receive training and employment opportunities that help them develop new skills and earn an income. By purchasing these pieces, customers can not only support the brand's commitment to ethical and sustainable practices but also contribute to the rehabilitation and empowerment of these women. The program serves as a testament to Maria La Biyux's dedication to social responsibility and creating positive change within its community.